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Abundant Journey University is designed to disrupt normality, complacency and questionable systems that serve as barriers in student lives. We offer profound interdisciplinary courses that oblige success to the total student. We inspire innovation, provide quality curriculums, and substantial resources. Abundant Journey University promotes an atmosphere conducive for learning, cultivating vision, and growth in a diverse community. Our belief is the future generation are the beneficiaries of the seeds planted by today’s generation. With this belief, we are responsible to not only plant seeds of success, but to demonstrate to inspire change.







Hierarchy of Requisites

AJU’s hierarchy of requisites is a psychological self-discovery theory comprising of a 3-tier model of essential requisites, exhibited as a hierarchical illustration with in a pyramid. Lower requisites in the hierarchy are a catalyst individuals must get through first before progressing higher.

From the lowest to the highest, the requisites are: Purpose, Faith, and Vision. 

Copy of Copy of AJU GRAPHICS.png

Amber Keys (2018) discovered that there is a life of abundance that all individuals should obtain. However, the key factor missing is awareness and knowledge of this truth. The resolve is, self-discovery. This will allow transformation. Individuals will first be awakened to purpose, thereafter, the discovery of the power of faith and vision. It is necessary that each requisite is acquired.  


Purpose: Purpose is found in discovery; it must be sought out. Purpose is the reason for existence. Knowing your life purpose is a requirement for healthy growth and development. It is the foundation piece that unlocks understanding of the cause. It is the foundation piece that unlocks fulfillment.   


Faith: After discovering your purpose, the next level of requisites is faith. With the understanding that you have a purpose, you now must develop your faith mussel to fuel purpose. Your faith is attached to the way in which you see yourself and go after your desires. Your faith is attached to belief and hope. Your hope stems from something far greater than your own abilities, it is what manifests your destiny. 


Vision: Your vision is first unborn, the conception is in your heart and spirit, the birth canal is in your mind. You first must allow your heart to feel and become one with your spirit. At that point of conception, your vision takes on form. It will grow and multiply itself in your mind. It will ultimately allow you to not only further see into destiny, but give you the ability to design it. Vision is the most active part of your being. 

AJU Proverb

When the student is ready for a shift the journey instructor appears. When the student is truly ready, they will become the shift. 


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