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A journey.

Vision of Abundance(VOA) is an intensive 8-week Master Course that is designed to mold and shape you for success. It is an 8-week beginning development and life skills course that will guide you on your journey. VOA will provide students an in-depth study of the 7 dimensions of Abundance and the 7 barriers that serve as a hindrance. 

Students will be able to identify and overcome self limiting beliefs and patterns that keeps them from progressive advancement. VOA will give you the tools necessary to not only emerge, but thrive in the next phase of your journey. Here you will trade complacency for transformation. Here you will break your barriers and unveil what abundance has to offer you. As a result, your vision will be made clear!

Now Open: MODULE 6

Following all COVID-19 Regulations


Lashae, Module 1

" Through the Vision of Abundance: A Journey  course, God restored me and opened my eyes. Thank you for being obedient to God. You’re a true blessing."







“Listen. I took this life changing course/journey. It was wonderful, exciting, and scary. It has opened my eyes to destiny, my dreams and so much more. I promise Vision of Abundance is absolutely life changing. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank You AJU." 

Cantrice, Module 1

“I took this course that was the best thing I did in my life...this course help me discover me build confidence in myself. I will recommend Vision of Abundance to anybody that is willing to change mentally or physically."

Leroy, Module 2


  • Who is this course for?
    This course is for all individuals who are ready to do what it takes to further their journey in the right direction. This is for all individuals who can not see clear as to what their next will be. This is a course for those who know there is more, but simply can not obtain it due to the barriers life has placed upon them. If this is you, VOA is your resolve, I’ll see you there. Open to ages 18+, men and women!
  • How long is the course?
    8 consecutive weeks 12:00p.m-2:00p.m Saturday sessions only
  • Where does the course take place?
    Location is subject to change. Upon enrollment/module students will be given the address. Currently in New Haven, CT
  • Is there a cost?
    Admission/Enrollment is a fee of $20.00 Course Tuition is free

Course Outline:

8 Pitstops

This course is taught each week in 2 segments. The 1st segment we will discuss the dimensions of abundance and the 2nd segment we will discuss the barriers. Weeks 1-7 is course content, final week is VOA’s all white ceremony.


Week 1  Awakening Pitstop: 

Wellness 3-fold: Body, Soul and Spirit 


This Pitstop will enlighten students to the advantages and challenges of wellness. Students will identify key pain points in each area of their life. Wellness is the first component of obtaining abundance. Students will unpack personal challenges and discover a way to combat each challenge.


Week 2 Pity or Identity Pitstop:

Relationships: Venomous vs. Virtue  


This Pitstop is designed to encourage students to choose their path. To make an intentional decision that will change the trajectory of their journey. This will cause a deep searching of yourself and who/what you subject yourself to. The key component missing is simply knowing your identity or who’s hands did you place it in. 


Week 3 I Rise Pitstop:

Inheritance: Legacy and Laws 


This Pitstop will help you discover your legacy and the importance of it. It is also designed to awaken you to the laws that permits your ability to obtain your inheritance and the laws that serve as a barrier. While constructing your own legacy, you will be given the tools to overcome the barriers. 


Week 4 Visual Conception Pitstop: 

Purpose: The blueprint


This Pitstop will produce your blueprint. We will use AJU’s Vision Lap Model. Students will first participate in a visualization exercise. A release of all systems and memories that no longer serve them; secondly, a birthing and awakening to desires and aspirations. Students will use the VL model and exercise to further their vision and unlock key points going from visualization to manifestation. 


Week 5  Harvest Preparation Pitstop: 

Finance: Strategize. Prepare. Plant 


This Pitstop will outline your strategy. To obtain financial wealth, you must have a plan. It is more than a desire and a 9-5. Students will use AJU’s Goal Planning Formula  that will make wealth obtainable, as a secondary it becomes a lifestyle. While planning is important, planting is also important. Students will discover the benefits of both planning and planting. 


Week 6 I AM Pitstop: 

Business: What is your message/value?


This Pitstop is created to help you discover your message. Students will formulate

the power behind “I AM” and leadership. They will be challenged to tap into an area where their reality does not meet the criteria. The purpose is to get them to a place where they can understand their value, capabilities and role in society—gaining total confidence. Students will discover that fear is an assassin to these truths, and how fear is fueled. 


Week 7 Creative Pitstop: 

Travel: Are you living? Or existing? 


This Pitstop is designed to expose students in a creative way to their own skill set. Students will create a blueprint of their conception with vision. With creative crafting they will create a board to serve as their original file of manifestation. Here we will take on creative freedom. Which entails exposure to different places and atmospheres conducive for learning and inspiration. It will consist of mission trips, day trips and short stay trips. (TBA) 


Week 8 The Gate Called Beautiful Pitstop:

Covenant Seal of Abundance 


The Final Pitstop, the finale of their Vision Lap and the entrance into the next phase. This is Vision of Abundance: A Journey, all white ceremony. A day of great birthing, concluding transformation, achievement and liberation where vision makes its debut. This day marks the completion of our 8-week journey. In conclusion, visionaries will make a public declaration and presentation of what their “next” resembles. A visual blueprint as well as a written blueprint. Students will invite 2 special guests to be a witness to their proclamation.

AJU Young Leaders Academy 

SUMMER 2022!

Ages 6-8 Module A

Ages 9-11 Module B

Ages 12-14 Module B

Ages 15-17 Module C


More Courses Coming Soon!

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