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Journey Next Level:

A development series to provide ongoing service, advice and guidance to students who are taking or have taken a course; but still in need of additional support and assistance. Students will come prepared to discuss what their current goals and challenges are. Service will be provided by AJU staff/ambassadors.


Alumni Next Level: 

Service provided by Amber Keys, VOA instructor. Alumni of AJU signature course will have the option to take your vision/vision planning to the next level. We will work one on one at an accelerated pace to implement strategic strategies to further advance your vision. We will work hard to promote your message, brand, mission and create content. Alumni will also get the opportunity to prep for Rally.

Foundational Essentials: 
Service provided to students to help in the capacity of professional skills, personal care skills, general conscientiousness, student skills, transportation knowledge, life management and organization skills. Perhaps you are not ready to commit to taking a course, but in need of assistance, this is for you. This will serve as a guide to help each student navigate through their journey targeting all areas that will help them grow into their very best self. (i.e Resume Building, Applying for jobs, All things Interview Etiquette, Communication Skills, How to handle conflict and more.)

Training / Development Programs:

Master Class Vision Board Summit: TBA

Experience Amber Keys and Sherri Etheridge Live— A one day summit. Learn about the power of now, discover the dimensions of Abundance, and reignite your passion. Unlock those hidden desires and be completely awaken to your potential. There are 2 things visionaries have in common, their yearn for more and growth. Come be among like minded individuals whose ready to birth their vision. This is Vision of Abundance: A Journey course, accelerated. You will learn techniques from the course to combat barriers to abundance. You will create a written vision and create a vision board exemplifying content material taught in the session. 


Summit Dominion: 

Do you have a deep longing for more? Do you find yourself questioning your existence? At Summit Dominion, you'll learn the answers to these questions and gain much more. Experience 3 days with Amber Keys as she help you find the answers. She will use tools and strategies that will awaken, transform and ignite you. As a result, causing a shift in your mind that will allow you to not only take control of your life but master it, as you journey to destiny.


Coming 2022!

Private Coaching

Coming 2022!

Content / Course Building

Quarter (1-4) Goal Setting/Planning

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