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Change The Narrative.

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Growing up we can all attest to learned behaviors, habits, beliefs and even racism. The seeds of those behaviors, habits and beliefs grew up with us and manifested into our adulthood. For some we have already passed on those systems to our children. We have now exposed the next generation challenges, that we ourselves have the power to overcome. From birth we have the ability to be cultivated in such a way that we become the curse breaker. Unfortunately, the previous generations have been severely oppressed, and faced great obstacles. Many in which they overcame, and in turn, passed the mantle to the next generation to go forth. However there were still challenges unresloved, at that point, it become ours. So, where our ancestors stopped rather it resembles success or defeat, we now have a responsibility to the next generation. We must complete the task while exhibiting strength in unity to gain results, and as a secondary consequence, we can display healthy behaviors to reciprocate.

It is important that we take on a deeper hunger for more. The more is bigger than us and is challenged beyond measure. It is easy to find justifiable reasons and excuses to stay confined to all current and past failures, labels and curses. What if, just what if we can change the narrative? What then will our resolve be? And no it does not have to exist in a perfect world. The beauty of it is that it can be your reality. How? Glad you asked.

First you must unlearn all behaviors that do not serve you. It will be tough, but you will have to simply say no or do not engage. (Perhaps you are not aware of your learned behaviors, how you can locate them is by your personal interest and if they reap healthy results). Toxicity is waste and it is harmful. Do not let it take up space any longer, the good nutrients needs to be released.

Second, open yourself up to bigger possibilities. The birthing ground for that is your mind, heart and spirit. Create an atmosphere that is safe for new ideas. If that looks like a new group of friends, or simply no friends do what is necessary . If that looks like switching neighborhoods or jobs, do what is necessary. When you open yourself up to new ideas and concepts, it will find its way to you.

Lastly, go after those new possibilities. Take inspired action and LET NOTHING stop you. Shutting out all negative chatter in your own head and in the mouth of others is vital. This will require you to jump over all hurdles to get to the finish line. Each of us have our own finish line, but not everyone is running the race. You have a baton to pass, you must participate.

Throughout history and generations, we can attest to knowing someone who went against protocol to make a difference. Although they may have gotten’ bruised in the process, the end result was change. Understand, there is nothing ordinary about changing your Narrative, but, only you possess the power to do so.

Plot Twist.

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